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Tuesday Tactical .22 Match 2nd & 4th Tuesday
Practical Shooting Starter Course  Every Monday
& 4th Saturday
27th Annual Spring Steel April 9, 2017
Her Handgun – Practice Sessions For Women Check Calendar

TNS Division Director  Dan Coon

Match Directors: Joe Hannis & Caleb Higby

PSSC Instructors: Matt Misino & Stacy Misino

Time: Every Tuesday from 2:00PM – 7:00PM

Match Fee for Members: $10.00

Match Fee for Non-Members: $12.00

Stages 03-28-2017

New Policy as of 2/20/2017:
All new shooters must attend the Practical Shooting Starter Course (PSSC) before attending TNS.
For more information, go to the PSSC page.

TNS is now using Practiscore.
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     We encourage you to Pre-Register for the Tuesday Night Steel Match:

Pre register at  click “Search for upcoming Matches” enter Rio Salado Tuesday Night Steel.  Registration will open on Wednesday at 8:00am and closes on Monday the day before the match at 11:00pm

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Tuesday Night Steel is a competition with rules based loosely on the USPSA handbook. Tuesday Night Steel Facts/FAQ and Unique Rules: tuesday-night-steel-facts-3.4.1

Expect 200 – 250 competitors, plan for 2 hours minimum at the range.  Based on the number of stages on TNS (4-6) the round count will vary depending on the stage design. Expect each stage to be between  15-30 per stage, so there will be about 80-140 rounds required hits to complete this match.

Steel reactive targets are predominantly used throughout the four courses of fire presented for the competitor every Tuesday night. Scoring is time-based, with penalties of +5 seconds assessed for targets not engaged with the required number of hits or other procedural errors. Successful participants will compete based on their equipment being used (Open, Limited, Revolver, Carry Optics, Production, Single Stack) and their ability to execute the courses of fire in the match (Grand Master, Master-, A-, B-, C-, D-, class and Novice).

Shooters not previously classified with USPSA will start in Novice Class for three matches. Once you have shot three, you should register in D Class. Advancement through the classes is determined by the “3-win” rule – win your class three times (does not need to be consecutive but you have to keep track of it) then move yourself up one class. Competitors may elect to move down one class on January 1st each year. Pins are awarded for class wins.

The match is moderately physical with standing, sitting, squatting, leaning, and prone positions sometimes required to view the targets. In most cases, you will draw your gun from the holster and will reload from the belt. It is recommended to have at least three magazines, four if limited to 10 rounds or less. Participants are challenged by hundreds of different courses during the year, with posted course descriptions outlining required hits and shooting positions, leaving execution decisions up to the competitor.

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