Match Directors

Sandy Ruthven & Elizabeth Gosselin

Third Sunday of Each Month
Squad Start Times – 10am

  Match Fee – Member $15.00, Non-members $17.00    If shot with RMAP $7.00

→ All shooters must be on the range and ready to shoot at their start time. No Late Starts.   Walk-ups can show up but there is no guarantee you will get to shoot.

RMAR is using PractiScore rthis match requires Pre-Registration.
Pre-Registration at is open from 6pm on Monday before the match to 6:00pm on the night before the match.

Check the calendar or match webpage for updates

Anyone not a member of Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club (RSSC) must sign a RSSC Liability Waiver each match. Parents of minors must sign each time for their children even if they have a family membership.
The RSSC Waiver is at the Registration Window or Download it Here

RMAR Rules and Procedures

Previous matches can be retrieved by putting the date after the above match name in the format of YYMMDD. For example, to retrieve the Feb 16, 2014 match, go to


RMAP / RMAR moving to squads in August:  Starting in August, RMAP / RMAR will begin running squads.  Our plan is to pilot this process and make adjustments once we have enough information to change course.  We’ll essentially be running RMAP and RMAR at the same time, separated by squads, each with unique stage descriptions and scoring procedures.  Both matches will show up in Practiscore for preregistration and squad selection.

What this mean for competitors:  Shooters will need to pre-register at Practiscore, including selecting their division and a squad.  Registration will work like other squadded matches at Rio – sign up, choose a squad, etc.  Squads will be based on the match (pistol shooters grouped into pistol-only squads, rifle shooter grouped into rifle-only squads) – this will simplify scoring and stage reset.  Morning rifle squads and afternoon pistol squads should help make the start time more predictable for rifle shooters and provide additional flexibility for anyone who prefers to shoot earlier or later.  Those who wish to shoot both matches will simply register for both matches, making sure squad times do not overlap (ex:  squad for pistol at 7, rifle at 10).


  • Rifle (only) squads will be working through the bays at the same time as the pistol (only) squads.
  • Stage descriptions for each match (rifle vs. pistol) will be posted in each bay.
  • RMAP participants must shoot the stage as per the pistol stage description.
    • Ensure stage is reset with pistol steel (white) in up position.
    • Pistol shooters who engage rifle-only paper (will be marked as such) or steel (black) target will not receive a penalty – they’ll simply be wasting time
  • RMAR participants, including PCC shooters in RMAR, must shoot the stage as per the rifle stage description.
    • All pistol steel must be set in the down position prior to the rifle squad beginning the stage.
    • A rifle hit on pistol steel (white) will result in a match DQ.
  • No changes to scoring – pistol shooters.
    • RMAP shooters will score on IPADs that will remain on the bays.
    • RMAR shooters will score using paper sheets that will travel from stage to stage with the squad.
  • Squad members are responsible for ensuring safety and that match and range rules (rifle ammo restrictions, etc.) are followed.
  • If you have questions / concerns, please find a match director.