Welcome to the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club Black Powder website. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun format for Black Powder shooting events. If you’re a new shooter or an experienced Muzzle Stuffer, we have something to offer you.

Many times people “inherit” Black Powder rifles and don’t know how to shoot them. We can help. If you’re interested in joining us for the first time, you can contact me ahead of time or just show up at a shoot. We will partner you up with one of our shooters and provide one-on-one instruction. You’ll be “in the black” in no time.

If you’re interested in trying Muzzle Loading but don’t have the equipment, give me a call. We will provide a rifle and a shooter so you can see how much fun it is. We shoot paper and steel silhouettes on alternating months. We also shoot pistol and shotgun.

The second Sunday is usually our rifle shoot and the fourth Sunday is usually our pistol and shotgun shoot. Our schedule is subject to change so please contact me if you have any questions. Muzzle Loading shoots are on the Small Bore Range.

We also shoot Black Powder Cartridge Rifles. BPCR shoots on the fourth Sunday at 8:30am on the High Power Range. This can be shot with smokeless powder and your choice of sights. Please remember juniors shoot for free.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. We hope you enjoy all that Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club has to offer.

John Schaffer

Muzzle Stuffers Newsletters

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2017 MUZZLE STUFFERS Shoot Schedule

All shoots @ Smallbore range for rifle and pistol and High power range for Black Powder Cartridge.
After paper shoots there a 10 shot pistol match
After silhouette matches there is a 16 shot shotgun match.
Practice at 8 AM, first relay at 8:30 AM
Schedules are subject to change. Please contact me with any questions. John Schaffer 480-262-6739 bp@rsscaz.com


Event Date Course of Fire
January 8, 2017 No match
January 22, 2017 Pistol steel
January 22, 2017 BP cartridge on HP range
February 12, 2017 Rifle paper with pistol paper afterwards
February 26, 2017 Pistol paper with shot gun afterwards
February 26, 2017 BP cartridge on HP range
March 12, 2017 No match
March 26, 2017 No match
March 26, 2017 No match
April 6-7-8-9, 2017 AMLA state shoot
April 23, 2017 BP Bench Rest
April 23, 2017 No BP cartridge shoot
May 14, 2017 Rifle paper with pistol paper afterwards
May 28, 2017 BP Bench Rest
May 28, 2017 BP cartridge on HP range
June 15, 2017 Rifle paper with pistol paper afterwards
June 25, 2017 BP Bench Rest
June 22, 2017 BP cartridge on HP range

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