Rio Salado 3-Gun and Pistol Team Matches
Saturday August 29th (3-Gun)
Sunday August 30th (Pistol)
Matches Start at 7am


3-Gun Team Members  3-Gun Team Results   Pistol Team Members  Pistol Team Results
3-Gun Team Members  3-Gun Team Results   Pistol Team Members  Pistol Team Results

The Rio Salado 3-Gun and Pistol Team matches are back by popular demand. We only do these once a year – this match format is definitely not to be missed.

WHEN: August 29th (3-Gun Team Match) and August 30th (Pistol-only Team Match). First shots at 7am each day. Attend either one or both matches as you wish – if you shoot both, you need not do so in the same team.

RULES: Time-Plus-Penalties scoring with minor variations to accommodate teams.


  • 3-person teams
  • Each team may have only one Open Division shooter – the other two team members must shoot other divisions.
  • Teams may be formed ahead of time, or scratch teams can be formed on the day. If you don’t have a team, we can put you in one when you sign-up. Everyone will get to shoot.
  • If a shooter quits or DQs, the rest of the team may attempt to complete the stage and match as best they can. No alternates or substitutes after starting the first stage.
  • Entry fee: $45 per team (i.e. $15 per shooter).
  • No pre-entry required… Just turn up and shoot!


  • There will be four stages.
  • Shoot each stage as a team at the same time (either concurrently or “relay-race” style, per written stage briefing). For safety reasons, all shooting positions will be static.
  • Time to complete the stage will be the team’s time; one score sheet per team.

There will be multiple ways to approach each stage – team strategy and communication on the clock will be important!